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If you're looking for an engaging speaker to talk at your next event, check out our lineup of top speakers who regularly present both virtually and in-person.

Maggie Carey

CEO, Master It Media

Margaret Carey has over 35 years of experience in Information technology, including 10 years in Public Relations. Maggie educates businesses on how to gain the most promotion for less time, money, and stress. She was awarded the Lyn & Buzz Burr Excellence in Communication Award in 2018.
Maggie's background includes IT Management, training, research, implementation, social media marketing, website design, and analysis. Maggie has been an actor for over 45 years. She is the founder of a local children's theater company, acting instructor, producer, director, and performer. Her interactive workshops can be done with small or large groups. Workshop Topics can be catered to your time requirements:
• How to Get Free Publicity
• Top 10 Tech Tips for Any Local Business
• Getting Free Publicity with Google Business
• How to Develop Cross Promotional Relationships
• A Simple Guide to Promoting Yourself on Social Media
• Improv Your Business (a fun interactive workshop to help with verbal and non-verbal communication)
• How to Create an Engaging Newsletter Using MailChimp
• Planning and Promoting a Business Building Event In addition, Margaret can personalize a workshop on various technologies, such as Microsoft Office applications and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn).
Editor of Brewster, Carmel, Somers, Yorktown, NY & New Fairfield, CT HamletHub
Director/Producer for the Cultural Arts Coalition

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Rob Genovesi

Brand Building • Brand Support

Everybody knows they need a strong brand, yet few know what a strong brand actually consists of.
Rob Genovesi will clarify what a strong brand is, and what it can do for your business.
Rob has 30 years of experience in the graphic design field with diverse industry experience, having worked in advertising, retail, publishing, signage, and displays.
After years of design work, including logos and websites, Rob realized that none of these actually helped a business. It wasn't until he implemented the strategy that empowered these elements that businesses began to prosper.
Today, he runs a branding company that puts strategy first and then supports it with the necessary tools to build a strong brand.
Businesses of any kind and size will benefit from what Rob has to say on the subject.
Rob speaks on any of the following topics:
• Branding
• Leadership
• Community

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Jim Sandler

Founder, KM Consulting

Jim Sandler is a veteran executive of International Business, Family Business, and entrepreneurship. Jim has over 25 years of experience in change management, with demonstrated success in leading cultural change, and identifying where businesses should be positioned to create/enhance future value.
Prior to starting KM Consulting in 2006, Jim built businesses from the ground up and achieved significant commercial success. He developed and maximized global and domestic distribution channels. He also learned how to combine his strategic and creative vision into a leadership process that served to grow his companies, delivering consistent results in operations, finance, sales/marketing, and client relationship management.
Possible Presentations Topics:
• What is your only? What makes you different/better?
• Using DISC to provide better sales results
• How to hire so you don't have to fire
• Developing a Strategic Plan: Vision, Mission, SWOT, Strategy, and Action Items
• What you don't see could kill you
• Value of business council groups
• Developing a sales process
• Why should I do business with your company?
• Internal Reality vs. External Message (Do you really do what you say you do)?
• If you could start over, would your business look the same?

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Steve Spiro

President, Spiro Global Inc.

Today, Steve helps companies and individuals connect more effectively. Steve is a master networker, and has over 20,000 contacts in his cell phone and over 9,300 connections on LinkedIn. Steve can talk to anyone now and has a personal goal of turning three (3) complete strangers, each day, into new friends and exchanging contact information with them. For someone who was a shy, introverted kid from the Bronx, Steve says this is a miracle. His message is one of hope and inspiration. He shares stories of what inspires him, how he breakthroughs his fears, and how he has worked through being very uncomfortable meeting people.
He speaks on "The Power of Networking" and covers the following:
• Effective networking is a three legged stool and includes traditional face-to-face networking (networking events), social networking (LinkedIn), and unconventional networking (the world is your networking event).
• Tips on getting the most out of networking events so they are not a waste of time
• How to break through your comfort zone, meet a lot of people, and make a lot of connections
• The key to networking is to follow up and follow through while establishing and building relationships.
www.spiroglobal.comRight out of college, Steve Spiro started his own advertising company in New York City. He had a great career in advertising and marketing for many years. He also holds a 4th degree black belt in Karate & 1st degree in Ju Jitsu, along with having his own karate studio in Westchester. In 2001, he pivoted into technology.

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Lynne Roe

President, LSR Consultants

Growing a business requires the owner to lead in 3 different ways. You must lead the business by setting direction, developing strategies for growth, and good decision making.  You must lead your team through communication and culture. And you must lead yourself to become the leader who can best serve the business and the team. A certified professional coach, group facilitator, and change-maker, Lynne works with business owners to develop a foundation of leadership that serves as a catalyst for growth. Applying knowledge and skills acquired over decades of working with small and large companies and non-profits, she guides business owners and non-profit leaders in strategic planning, sound decision-making, leveraging the strengths of individual team members, and developing communications that build collaboration, respect, and trust. Lynne provides clients with the tools to become outstanding leaders focused on transforming their organization for the future and serving as a positive force in their communities. Lynne speaks on:
• Build a business, Not A Job From Day One
• Planning Strategically For Growth
• Where To Find Your Highest Revenue Clients
• New Team Member Success – Create Your Dream Team
• Improve Your Sales By Knowing Your Prospect – Using DiSC
• How To Ensure a Profit Every MonthLSR Consultants

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Theresa Cifali

Productivity Strategist, Daily Achievers

Theresa Cifali is a seasoned Productivity Coach and the driving force behind Daily Achievers™ LLC with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience.
After years of working 100-120 hour weeks, missing out on family moments, and neglecting self-care, Theresa ended up in burnout. Realizing something needed to change, she reimagined her approach to productivity making business easier and more joyful. And she achieved better work-life harmony.
Today, Theresa shares her insights with other coaches, digital course creators, and business owners, guiding them to tame the chaos and achieve success. The reward? More time, freedom, and increased revenue for her clients.
Theresa speaks on all topics related to Productivity, but some of her most popular workshops are:
• Increase Productivity: How to Improve Your Focus One Hour at a Time
• How to Take A.C.T.I.O.N. and Make Progress in Your Business
• Discovering Personal Core Values: The Unseen Guide to Your Small Business Success
• 5 Productivity Issues Keeping You From Achieving Your Business Goals (and What To Do About It)
• How to Find the Right Accountability Partners
Theresa can customize presentations for time and audience. Please get in touch to learn more.

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