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Master Networks TriState members are not only some of the best in their industry, but some are accomplished authors as well. Check out our virtual bookshelf and pick out your next great read!

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David Quick

“Supercharge Your Business with Technology: The Smart Way Business Owners Leverage Technology to Drive Business Results”

When you think of technology, do you think of it as just an expense of your business? Do you believe that technology is not an important factor to consider in your day-to-day operations? Think again. Technology is a heavy driver of businesses in today’s world. It is an investment in your business that will yield positive business results, if done right. The book Supercharge Your Business with Technology takes you on a journey of understanding of the true benefits of viewing technology as a strategic asset of your business, with heavy emphasis on tying the technology investment directly into the impact that it has on your business and shows you the pitfalls of handling technology “the cheap way,” which potentially could have devastating consequences to your business.

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Lin Schussler-Williams

“9 Little Words to Change Your Results”

This book will fit in your pocket or bag and, in a lighthearted, sincere manner, support you in releasing your old patterns of self-sabotage and building momentum toward your goals! This book is not theory, but a manual for making change, and making it with results that stick

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Scott Lask

“Let's Win! Let Wall Street Work For You!”

A common-sense approach to building your financial life written in everyday English. Easy concepts and techniques that can be applied right away to help you grow and achieve a "work-optional" lifestyle.

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Liz Gabor

“Superheroes On The Spectrum”

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of neurodiversity with “Superheroes on the Spectrum.” This groundbreaking book transcends boundaries, unveiling a kaleidoscope of voices that span the spectrum of autism. Our 33 contributors, hailing from the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, invite you to learn about their diverse perspectives, experiences, and insights as they share their personal stories.
At its core, this book champions a philosophy of awareness, acceptance, and celebration. It’s a testament to the resilience and strength of autistic individuals of all ages, from non-speaking children to adults, and the unwavering support of parents, family members, and community. In a world where neurodiversity is often misunderstood, “Superheroes on the Spectrum” redefines the narrative.
This book is about honoring the richness of our collective experiences while fostering a deeper understanding of autism. Inside these pages, you’ll discover the power of embracing differences and celebrating the unique gifts that neurodiversity bestows upon us. It’s a beacon of hope in a world where judgment and criticism have no place—because we believe that every voice deserves to be heard and every superhero on the spectrum deserves to shine.

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Tricia Doebler

“Done For You DIY”

This is the DIY Ebook you have been waiting for!
Recipes for your own cleaning products, bath products, fun with the kids and more!
As a busy mom, I hate wasting time searching the internet for easy DIY recipes. I wanted to give busy moms like me all of my favorite DIY recipes in one handy ebook to have at their fingertips!
I have personally made all of these recipes in the book and have worked out all the bumps along the road. These are perfected!
In this 18 page, beautifully laid out ebook you'll find recipes like bath bombs, shower cleaner, hair serum, makeup remover, wood polish and so many more! There are 23 recipes in total. I have even given you notes pages so you can write down your favorite essential oil combos for each recipe. I have also included links to easily find a lot of the supplies you will need. I meant it when I said I wanted this to be super easy for the busy mom who wants to ditch and switch things they are using in their home for more natural solutions.

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Mario Mirabella

“The Evolutionary Branding Playbook”

The Evolutionary Branding Playbook provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with proven branding and digital marketing strategies to establish their brand identity and online presence.
Created by award-winning marketer Mario S. Mirabella, Jr., this book offers actionable tips on leveraging social media, content marketing, and branding best practices. It stresses the importance of crafting a strategic brand identity and adapting it over time through brand evolution.
Inside, find practical guidance on:
Building a consistent brand voice and visual identity across digital platforms
Engaging audiences through social media and shareable content
Measuring success and optimizing your branding approach
Rebranding and updating your brand image to stay relevant
Crafting compelling brand stories that connect with target audiences
Defining your core brand values, purpose, and competitive edgeWhether you're a startup founder, solopreneur, non-profit, or established business owner, The Evolutionary Branding Playbook provides the branding and marketing framework you need to stand out online. It emphasizes being agile, authentic, and embracing brand evolution as an ongoing process in the digital age.
Pick up this must-read guide to build a high-impact brand that resonates in today's crowded online marketplace.

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Rachel Sirota & Nicole Dupuis

“Next Level Coaching”

In this easy-to-read guide, Productivity Coach Nicole Dupuis and Wellness Advocate Rachel Sirota share simple tools and strategies that coaches of all types can implement to take their businesses to the next level.Whether you are a life coach, a business coach, or even a parenting coach looking to take your clients to the next level, this book is a helpful resource that covers the themes most often needed by your clients. Sirota and Dupuis take a unique approach by integrating popular coaching techniques with customizable essential oil usage strategies.This book will be valuable for coaches just starting their practice or those who have been in business for years and are looking to expand their knowledge base.In crafting this book, the authors' intention was to create a reference guide that each coach can personalize and implement to best support the needs of their clients (and themselves!).

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Steve Spiro

“The TAO of a Master Connector: The ‘way’ an introvert became a Master Connector”

If you or someone you know is looking to get out of their shell and grow their skills, this book will help. For someone who struggles with challenges, learn how to have the grit to overcome obstacles. Find out how someone self-focused can become others-focused and why it is so important. Learn how even an introvert can build a big community and grow their connections effectively.
This book contains parables and stories of a kid from the inner city of New York who was shy, introverted, learning disabled, and bullied, who overcame many obstacles, has amassed a huge network, speaks to thousands of people regularly and has turned his biggest weaknesses into his superpowers.
You will learn about four pillars of a Master Connector:
• Having the grit to overcoming obstacles
• Be others focused and pay it forward
• How to connect authentically
• Building a community and growing your connections

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Nikki Gangemi

“The CALM Method: The Inner Game to Getting the Results You Want”

What if you could quiet the chaos in your mind and move into clarity and confidence in minutes so you stay focused on your goals and achieve them? In The CALM Method, Nikki Gangemi shows you how to do that. Get ready to replace fear and doubt with confidence and motivation to start making empowering decisions that move you forward in your life. The CALM Method is a quick and simple tool you can use daily to feel like you’re in the driver's seat of your life. This method will teach you how to uplevel your thoughts and manage your emotions, enabling you to show up better and feel good about yourself. Nikki shares her story, from victim to victor, and reveals real-life examples of the success others have achieved using The CALM Method. The journal exercises and tools in this book will show you exactly how to use these four steps to get the results you want!

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Carol & Rick Gabrielly

“The Currency of Connection”

How To Create Energy, Value & Meaning In Your Life and the Lives of Others Discover The Lifesaving Power of Connection: the true story of how one man's life was saved by his high school Biology teacher back in 1985. What happened next changed his life forever, and began a lifetime of service to others. What is the Currency of Connection? It’s a magical tree that provides its own light, air and water. When it’s at work in your life, it draws you in. It’s magnetic. It’s attractive. It’s nourishing. We can actually live on the fruit from this tree. It’s the Dream of all inventors. It’s our own personal perpetual motion machine. And it’s a vital piece of your success plan at work and at home. If you unlock this tool, and make it a permanent part of your Mindset, there is no limit to your Trajectory.

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Lynne Roe

“Leadership in Action”

Lynne Roe is not a believer in the adage that “leaders are born to lead.” She believes that everyone has an opportunity to lead at different times in their life regardless of the title they have. The key to success is leading with intention. However, in today’s world, it’s all too easy to lose focus and get pulled off track, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Over the years, Lynne has gathered some of her favorite words of wisdom from leaders in every field and shares them here. But this is far more than a book of inspirational quotes. They are thought starters that invite leaders to take intentional action, by first pausing, stepping back from what distracts them, and then refocusing on what matters most in leading themselves and others.  This beautiful book offers weekly to lead with intention.  It makes a great gift book for team members, people in a new leadership position and recent graduates.

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Adria Gross

“Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems”

Consumer protection advocate Ralph Nader praised Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems: "Who hasn't been bewildered and outraged by lengthy, inscrutable medical bills and the tricky ways of the health insurers? Learn what to watch out for in this volume by authors who know the inside ways of sellers who try to take you to the cleaners." Some say, "You get what you pay for." If only this were true! Too often, consumers find themselves paying much more than they expected, getting much less than they bargained for. Medical care is no exception. In their book, the authors show readers how to spot over-charges by providers, under-reimbursements by insurers, and inappropriate denials by insurers and government employees. Furthermore, they presented steps to take to prevent being victimized by "the system." And what is the system? In America, it is a hybrid of private healthcare providers, massive insurance companies, and governments at the state and national levels. Unlike Britain with its single-payer National Health System, this public-private mixed-breed creates the need for patient advocate professionals, who take up the cudgels on behalf of the medically disadvantaged and the financially strapped.

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Tina Kadish

“F.R.E.E.D.O.M. - 7 Steps to Thrive in Life and Business”

Perhaps you are tired of where you are in your life and ready to move on and explore other opportunities. Perhaps life’s circumstances require you to make more money, or perhaps you suddenly have a surplus of free time, and now you’re looking to create a life that better fulfills your dreams. Just as there are many different pathways to find your freedom, there are many types of freedom. From goal-setting to visualization to understanding our subconscious, and navigating our way around beliefs that limit us, author and speaker, Tina Kadish, shares strategies and tips that she has applied to—and found success with -- on her own journey from corporate America to entrepreneur. In the pages of this book, you’ll read her explanation of F.R.E.E.D.O.M. in depth. Tina says "I always had the vision that I would accomplish my goal of freedom. Finally, I needed to have a growth mindset so that I would become free in my career and become a full-time entrepreneur empowering other women that it is possible with the right tools and strategies." Here is to your freedom and may you get the FREEDOM that you’re looking for!

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Gloria (CoachGlo) Favreau

“A Girl From Southern Boulevard-Today I Believe In Me”

On the surface, Gloria had it all. She created a successful career. She was a single mother of a well-adjusted son. And she was devoted to her physical and spiritual fitness. And the bottle threatened to derail every bit of it. Her life had become unmanageable. A Girl From Southern Boulevard is the raw and unflinching memoir of a woman who scaled the summit of success while her relationship with alcohol knocked her down to the depths of despair for not only her but those in her life. Follow Gloria on her journey as she rebuilds and recreates her life, brick by brick, from addiction to CoachGlo - the champion for women and those with a special woman in their lives. All while staying true to her roots in the South Bronx. A Girl From Southern Boulevard will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And it will help you see yourself in CoachGlo’s shoes.

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Tina Campbell

“The Entrepreneurs’ Survival Guide”

Have you dreamed of starting your own business and being your own boss?
Every year, over 625,000 Americans take the leap into entrepreneurship and open their own businesses. Of that group of new businesses, more than 150,000 fail within the first year.  
Don’t be a statistic. You can ensure that your start-up will not only survive its first year but thrive for many years to come.  
In The Entrepreneurs’ Survival Guide, entrepreneurial coach Tina Campbell proves that whatever business you want to launch, it is possible, as long as you are willing to do the work to build up your superpower and find the support you need along the way.
What is your SUPERPOWER? All successful entrepreneurs have a SUPERPOWER. Tina will help you uncover the skill, characteristic, or innate ability that is unique to you.  
Where can I find support? No matter how talented you are, you can’t do everything yourself. Tina shows you how to find mentors and make connections with others who will make your path to entrepreneurial success so much smoother.
Tina also provides an Entrepreneurial Action Plan to get you motivated, and many more proven techniques that will help your business thrive based on her experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs.
Open The Entrepreneurs’ Survival Guide today and enjoy your journey to small business success!

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Judy Marano

“Words Matter”

Words Matter: A collection of vignettes examining the shared spaces of motherhood, marriage, friendship, aging, and femininity  
Words Matter is about all the topics we don't like to talk about: aging, parenting, children, adversity. These moments in time can be read by themselves or as part of the whole story of the author finding her voice through her experiences. The stories are shared by many although the names and places may change. We are all struggling to figure out where we belong and how we can grow and evolve as we age. What makes this book unique is that anyone who picks it up will find a story or stories that seem to be written just for them. The author hopes readers take away a sense of comradery as they strive to be their best every day.

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